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i kicked & screamed

{& fought & ran) 

& ended up

where i began

BIOMWS now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify,

& elsewhere on the interwebs. :)


hey, i’m eddie


"Urban folk visionary..."

-- jenni mansfield peal, renown texas singer/songwriter & host of "Everyone's Folk" (89.3 FM KNON)


"Normally, I don't cover artists before their work is a finished product... 

but i decided to make an exception in this case... on the uncommon promise i hear when i listen to [his] songs. lott conveys a distinct voice + storytelling prowess in songs that have gotten their claws in me & have compelled me to listen more intently & embrace the journeymen at the core of his music." -- justin wesley, NO DEPRESSION (click here to read the full article)


... hard people who've lost their sense of place, luck that's run out, love that's been tested. they are cormac mccarthy, spaghetti westerns... long road-trips set to music. they are lost in a time warp, lost in a ghost town, lost..."

-- misty parker, C-SPOT MAGAZINE (read the full article here)

"It's been a long time since i met somebody who i've been inclined to want to promote...

... and then, last night, i met this kid eddie lott. he doesn't fit into any box. he's one of the most self-made artists i've ever met. he's never recorded. his songs are still in my head from last night. his voice is captivating, as are his lyrics. not kidding... check this guy out. to say the least, i'm smitten!" 

-- nancy "shaggy" moore, legendary 89.3FM KNON DJ (1984-1991)

"perhaps, like many records that feel good to get lost to, its loveliest strength...

... is its relatability for the listener. its not difficult to hear a burning man throwing his all into taking his shot into his own American dream, but i always feel like an accomplice on the journey."

-- denim on wax (click here to read the full review)


-- texas monthly (click here to read the full interview)

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by Eddie Lott

escapism. impulsiveness. aimlessness. restlessness. wanderlust. open (west texico!) highways. late-night desert runs. inner-demon battling. soulmates (& attempted soulmate exorcisms). oh my!

did it all really even happen, or was i just lost (in my own mind (again))...

funded on kickstarter in 2014 & produced by (the one-and-only!) Bryan Ray (aka Lonely Child), BIOMWS is my (super-overdue/ultra-dramatic) full-length non-iPhone debut as a solo artist. It's a collage of material--curated from dozens of previously unreleased songs written during the same period--that collectively narrate a time in my life when things changed for/around/inside me super-quickly & i struggled (& escaped!) to keep up. 

i'd be honored if u listened to it,,, in your car, going nowhere fast. happiest of travels 2 u :) e

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the iPhone diaries

by eddie lott

i've been documenting my life--on paper, film, and audio--since i can remember, and when i got my first iPhone in 2010, it immediately became my exclusive tool for documentation.

the iphone diaries is basically a menagerie of lo-fi melodies, musings, and monlogues that i recorded on the phone from 2010-15. a lot of the stuff was recorded on the road during roadtrips west (to big bend, new mexico, arizona, etc.), and also in dallas (at our old cottage on white rock lake, another old home in lake highlands, etc.), study butte (in a trailer at the wild horse station that i stay at a lot), and a couple at our current house in rowlett. 

it feels very strange and humbling to admit this, but i've always secretly hoped that some day, someone (my kids, maybe?!) would care enough to dig back into all my documentation and be able to live vicariously through it, to get a more complete picture of me--my experiences, thoughts, emotions, way of processing events--and how i came to be who i am.

this album is just an easily accessible manifestation of that desire. i made it in hopes that if my kids ever hear these recordings & see the pics, they'll be able to kind of piece my life together--to recreate the things i was going through, the person i was & was becoming at the time, etc.

so thats what this record (the iPhone Diaries) is about. its not about music. its about me & the people, places, + things that were around me from 2010 until BIOMWS came out in 2015. a lot of these tracks aren't songs, & there's a lot of musical stuff on here that i don't even remember how to play (& may never play again).

making this has been a gift for me; a chance for me to go back & experience the world through the eyes i had when i was just a little younger (28-33, basically) & at a different place in my life. 

this stuff is real. it's as real as i get, i think, and that feels so good.

it also feels like maybe the most important thing i can do.

i hope u find something in it, too.


catch me while u can

the country music for lost souls tour:

coming to a dive bar/honky-tonk/juke joint near u soon. :)


alpine + terlingua + marfa + el paso + albuquerque + santa fe + amarillo + denton + dallas + fort worth + winnsboro + little rock + memphis + clarksdale + indianola + jackson + new orleans + houston + ennis

if u live in any those areas (or the areas in between) & wanna host some live music between november - january, please feel free to drop me a line!

hope to see u soon :)