Border Love Song

I’m like the Deadhorse, baby, and you’re the Sierra del Carmen--I am just a lost range without you

I’m like the bighorn, honey, and you’re the Maderas del Carmen--you’ve got everything I need to stay alive (if you’ll just let me inside)


You’re like the coachwhip, honey, you’re the ocotillo that blooms in my mind--you can take my rough and rigid.

You’re like them daggers, darlin’, you’re the lechugilla that grows in my heart--you grow here and nowhere else. You flower once and then yur’ gone

I’m like the Lone Star, sugar, and you’re the mountains down in Chihuahua--I stopped to stare and now I’m here

You’re like Elena, querida, and I’m that ol’ shop up in Castalon. You’re the thing that keeps me goin’ and I will last as long as you come back


I’m like Bocillas, mami, and you’re the folks up in Rio Grande. Let’s storm this bridge so we can be together again, cause this just don’t make sense...

I’m just an ol’ rock, mama, and you’re the tinaja that settled in--you fill me up and bring ‘em round

Yeah, my whole soul is a wash and you’re the Bravo runnin’ through--you could go anywhere you please but please pick me


You’re like the Chisos, chica, and i’m a band of Comanches comin’ across--you’re forever and I’m just passin’

You’re like Ol’ Glory, honey, and I’m a band of mexicans comin’ across--ain’t no lil’ border gonna keep me outta your heart