Come Back Outside (I’ll Be Here by the Fire)

well, she married Eugene

when she’d turned eighteen

at the time I

wasn’t barely a boy

they were together ten years

when he brought her to tears

he said he couldn’t keep on

with her by his side


well, things had got pretty bad

every night was a fight

she put the blame on his dad

he’d polluted their minds

well, ol’ Eugene, he kept mum

he just tucked tail and run

I should have seen it
that was sign number one


he offered his fortune

but she had so much pride

she didn’t want him or his money

in her life

well, as soon as they heard

the men followed in droves

but her restless spirit

just broke their young hearts


she packed up her bags,

cleared her mind, hopped a plane

aimin’ to get some place

real out of the way

I met her that june

in a bar by the beach

I was washin’ dishes

she was watchin’ me


it was a time of my life

I can’t really explain

let’s just say I was lost

let’s say I was astray

I’d been waitin’ on the girl

that’d been waitin’ on me

but we waited too long

it wasn’t meant to be


and then one fateful night

this thang come up on me

she chased me down,

I came ‘round

and followed her to the city

she took me into her home

when I needed her most

she gave me everything I needed

to come into my own


for years it was like

we were livin’ a dream

we traveled here we lived there and everywhere in between

we spent four years on planes

and on buses in love

til ‘bout four years ago

when we’d both had enough


we came back to the states

maybe there’s our mistake

got married, had kids

got a place by the lake

but something went terribly wrong ‘long the way

cause now I’m a grown man

and she ain’t the same


and now night after night

it’s the same tired fight

i’m always wrong

and but you ain’t always right

and I think we both know

just where this road goes

and it seems like it’s just

a matter of time


But you know I still dream

Of you

I still dream

Of you


So come back outside

I’ll be here by the fire

Alone and waitin’

for you in our yard