Mexico's Got My Heart

aw, terlingua, that ain’t fair you know you’re my number one alpine you’re a doll and study butte, i love you too but mexico’s got my heart oh, it’s mexico that’s got my heart i gave it to her years ago and it’s still hers to tear apart

ya know Sonora and del rio are always callin’ me and marfa’s cool, but she’s a bit too uppity marathon’s sweet, but she just ain’t for me besides I want somebody with some mystery

fort stockton’s a bit too rough she done roughed me up and once is enough I loved lajitas but she’s a mess since they dressed her up candelaria’s fair, its true but why stay with her when I can stay with you the same for presidio and her sister, ruidosa, too

balmhorea’s a beauty but she ain’t mine she’s too far north so’s valentine besides they don’t have nothin’ that calls me home so I don’t come runnin’ when they call me anymore

oh, dallas just ain’t right for me I’m desert and she’s Dixie austin’s cool but she’s lost her charm el paso’s hot and heavy but I just don’t think I’m ready to give up my dreams and fall in love with a big city

pecos is borin’ and fort davis is a bit too calm gruene’s a looker but lookers only last so long Kerrville’s sweet but them hills just ain’t for me besides I want somebody with some mystery