When we come out over that ridge and see the Great Waters, we’ll know we’re home. We’ll know we’re safe from those who chase us. They’d never take us here--our mountains won’t let them in.

They won’t enslave us, they’ll never run us down. They’d never come this far (it’s nothing but dust to them). This place (the sun) will protect us. Their sickness won’t touch us here. Our arrows will pierce their skin and we’ll hold our own. 

For as long as I’ve been alive these mountains have treated us kind. Why, there’s land enough and if they should follow us... well, the Spirit’s on our side.

Just trust in the moon, boys, trust in the great Unknown. Trust in your speed and heart. Don’t open your eyes. Trust in this land. Trust in yourselves. Trust in your strength as men--together we’re strong. 

But if they should come, and if our mountains and arrows fail, we’ll stand up tall. And if I should fall don’t do as I have done...

Head for the south, boys. Head for the river. Head for the open lands--they’ll welcome you in. Don’t you look back here, don’t stop for my sake. Let the wind guide you south just as it’s done for me / Just close your eyes.

God is on your side.

Leave the land. It’s just land. It’s not the answer

Make southernly...