Wild Man Blues

I’m in the drink, mama, can‘t no one pull me out. Am I weak, mama? Cause I know I should be doin’ somethin’ else. Yeah, there’s somethin’ out there that I should be doin’, mama, but I just can’t seem to figure it out

I was a wild man, but somethin’s come over me. The times have come and beat me down, they’ve locked me up and lost the key. Now I’m so close to the bottom, my tongue is dragging on the glass. Its just me and the worm in here...

And, boy, I tell you, son, yur mom is tough as nails. She done gone and took my edge and fussed me up and now she says that lord, she’s prayin’ for me. She done got mad and worked me up

she push me down and I push up, but I just can’t seem to find the door--can’t find my open road no more. I ain’t the man I was before. I’m losin’ this fight but I ain’t givin’ up, I need (I need, I need) to get up.

Yeah, I’m a wild one, mama, and you ain’t the one to bring me down. I don’t believe you got it in ‘ya--I don’t see how. I’m gonna rise and fight You got me shook but I ain’t done. I’m still a wild man, mama, come and get you some.

See what you gone and done?